Powerful boon of crypto currency:

The Crypto currency was discovered by Americans. Initially they developed ecash later Digicash came into trend where the economic transactions were very confidential. Instead of giving money in hand and buying ecash can be used to buy goods the online ledger is used in the form of cryptography for secure transactions. We have faced a serious problem in facing the theft problem now it’s a golden period for us to come out of this problem. Yes, it’s all about crypto currency. Just we have to aware about how to handle it in a smooth way. Once we started to use this crypto currency we would totally shift from handy money to this Bitcoin. Only authorized persons can see the transactions by using the key they can decrypt the data and can view the transactions. This gives us the secure feeling as we need not carry the money in hand where theft is a serious problem. Generally, the crypto currency are Bit coins, Ether etc. still there are inventions done to find about different currencies. In simple term we can call it as ecash where now world is totally turning into online. We can wonder how the entire globe has changed from traditional way to online system.

Awareness among people:

People should come forward to buy crypto currencies and try to use it in daily use. They should come up to buy crypto currencies in online and use it to buy goods etc. Educated people should first step out to use how the crypto currency works and spread awareness about it to the people who are unable to use it online. Still how many years we ate going to be back of old technologies we have push out of all old ideas and apply to new trends in the market and feel the comfortably of new things in the market. ecash are very safe to use for transactions of large amount.  It is mainly used by business people where they could have huge transactions of amount in their business deals.  A separate ledger is used to maintain records. This avoids duplication or loss of records. This avoids loss of physical money.