The Origins of Hydra project

Hydra was founded as a protest against the RAMP (Russian Anonymous Marketplace) platform, the pioneer of the Russian darknet. It was a kind of Russian Silk Road. RAMP destroyed one competitor at a time. Carried out a DDOS attack and provided authorities that poached stores and suppliers with names and IP addresses on better terms.
Job. At the time, many people were connecting to the Tor Browser, freeing up space on the dark web. The site opened in 2012, and a auto-shops where you can buy ready-made ‘dead drops‘ without having to contact dealers, operators or treasurers (Kladmen) has become a real revolution. This year was an important year for the development of the pharmaceutical business in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

As a result, Hydra project successed in gather all drug shops on its website and maintain dominant position as “Main drug shop” in CIS space. Furthermore, hydra onion became popular by advertising in social medias and messengers that made a good promotion to a resource. So, to not waste time by reading a post follow a link to check it out. >>> Link <<<